Canada’s National Arts Centre Redevelopment

The renovation of the National Arts Centre’s exterior and lobby spaces inspired the first large scale application of transparent LED in Canada. The four sides of the tower room are equipped with addressable transparent LED arrays that automatically adjust brightness levels for day or night viewing, while allowing natural light to pass. In a similar fashion, performances can be broadcast on the arrays that surround the lobby.

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Rotman School of Management Expansion – University of Toronto

When a $93.8-million addition to the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto opens in September, the focus will be on preparing students for the world of business and finance.

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Taking Down the Walls of Distance Education

Dalhousie University and the University of New Brunswick have partnered to create the new Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick program, with a system linking 19 sites at the two university campuses and, within the next year, four New Brunswick hospitals.

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A Revamped Rig for the Main Room at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

In early 2009, the Chan Centre’s Co-Managing Director, Cameron McGill, placed a call to Engineering Harmonics’ Manager of Western Canada, Paul Alegado, to review the Chan Shun Concert Hall’s existing reinforcement system.

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The Practical Space

As the centerpiece of its new stage management and technology support diploma programs, Collège Boréal in Sudbury, Ontario, has built a stunning, multi-purpose performance space to train students in stage and production management as well as backstage technologies such as lighting and sound design, video projection, technical direction, art design, and set construction.

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The Integrated Sound System

The new Michael and Sonja Koerner Hall at Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), a beautiful and superb-sounding venue, features an innovative integration of its voice-lift and performance sound systems for use in reinforced applications where provision of complete coverage to every seat might otherwise be more costly or more complex to achieve.

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Betting on Legends

Caesars Windsor Casino, which opened in 1998 as Ontario’s first permanent casino, recently underwent a $400-million expansion with the addition of a second hotel and convention center incorporating ballrooms, conference rooms, and the Colosseum, an entertainment center with the flexibility to serve as both a flat-floor convention facility and a 5,000-seat concert hall.

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