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Public Health Laboratory

The 165,000 sq. ft. life science facility at MaRS2 features highly integrated AV with instant conversion of the 30-person meeting room into an Emergency Response Centre. Respondents can view multiple broadcasts and presentations while video conferencing with other centres.

Engineering Harmonics designed the AV presentation and digital signage systems for various meeting rooms and training rooms, as well as the AV, videoconferencing and video wall system for the Emergency Response Room.


The PHL program provides clinical and environmental laboratory testing, related expert advice and research in support of the prevention and control of infectious diseases and the protection and promotion of the public’s health in Ontario.


Audiovisual consulting, design, tender, contract administration and commissioning.


The build has enhanced communications for clients and staff and supports the plan to build strong relationships with the academic health science centres, health units, hospitals and regional infection control network sites.


We retained Engineering Harmonics because we respect them and we respect the quality of their work—both the results they had obtained on their previous projects and the process they employed in achieving those results.

Bob Essert

Principal, Sound Space Vision

When I first went into the Rogers Centre, I was surprised at just how good the house system sounded.

Marc Laliberté

Cirque du Soleil, Sound Designer for the 2015 Pan Am Games Opening Ceremony

We have some very traditional teachers in our program who literally could not imagine how they were going to be able to teach without a blackboard and chalk. If we hadn’t had Andrew Kozak on board we never would have been able to get our teachers to understand how they can teach better with this technology.

Joanne Power

Policy and Planning Officer, Dean’s Office, Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine

Within an hour they knew where my knowledge stopped and where theirs had to start — and they were very, very gracious about it, even though they play on the world stage. They brought world-class knowledge and home-town service to the project.

Paul LaBarbera

Sound and Video Engineer, Bard College

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