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An ingenious renovation guarantees new life for Toronto’s historic Massey Hall

Toronto’s storied Massey Hall, which opened in 1894 as the first facility in Canada built specifically as a music performance venue, reopened November 2021 following a multiyear $184-million revitalization. Originally underwritten by the Methodist millionaire and farm equipment magnate Hart Massey at a cost of $152,000—about $3,000,000 today—the hall was a gift to the city intended for “musical entertainments of a moral and religious character, evangelical, educational, temperance, and benevolent work.”


Toronto’s Massey Hall is home to a 2,500-seat concert venue, 500 seat TD Music Hall, 100 seat community theatre and the Dean Cameron Recording Studio. The studio is equipped with a Dolby ATMOS mix environment and the first fully immersive sound system in Canada.


Performance sound, IT, broadcast, AV, recording, video communications systems consulting, design, contract administration and commissioning.


Massey Hall, revered for its intimacy, is now transformed into a multi venue performance, broadcast and recording centre. With the addition of the two new performance spaces Massey can host emerging artists, connecting them to new audiences throughout Canada and beyond.

photo credit Jag Gundu – Massey Hall


“Improve everything and change nothing"

Charlie Cutts

former president of the Corporation of Roy Thomson Hall and Massey Hall

"A straight restoration is pretty straightforward, but integrating new mechanical, electrical, performance lighting, and AV systems into the room and concealing them is kind of the miracle."

Chris Couse

founding principal of KPMB Architects

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