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House and tour approved

Engineering Harmonics worked closely with the acoustician and theatre consultant to integrate the performance sound system, featuring retractable line arrays, with the hall’s architecture and aesthetics to fulfill equally the needs of symphony and touring Broadway productions.


The new Overture Center evolved through the renovation and expansion of the existing Civic Center into a 385,000 sq. ft. arts complex to enliven and enhance the cultural life of Madison, WI. Home to the Madison Symphony, Opera and Ballet, the 2,250-seat Overture Hall—the centre’s crown jewel—features variable acoustics, including a 50-foot high, 350,000 lb. movable orchestra shell and pipe organ that track downstage for symphony performances.


Performance sound, video and communications systems consulting, design, tender, contract administration and commissioning.


The sound is so dependable that touring shows are requested not to bring in their own equipment. Instead, they are required to use the installed performance sound system.

Overture Centre -  Audio Engineering - Engineering Harmonics
Overture Centre Seating -  Audio Engineering - Engineering Harmonics



We retained Engineering Harmonics because we respect them and we respect the quality of their work—both the results they had obtained on their previous projects and the process they employed in achieving those results.

Bob Essert
Principal, Sound Space Vision


The newly installed system has made an incredible difference in terms of coverage, power and fidelity. It has been well received by both touring sound engineers and audience members alike. The quality of the equipment and install have been rock solid for us.

Doug McKendrick
Production Manager, Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall


Within an hour they knew where my knowledge stopped and where theirs had to start — and they were very, very gracious about it, even though they play on the world stage. They brought world-class knowledge and home-town service to the project.

Paul LaBarbera
Sound and Video Engineer, Bard College

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