Dalhousie Medical Education Project

A Lecture at the Dalhousie University - Unified Communications - Engineering Harmonics

Distance learning plus

Engineering Harmonics designed audiovisual systems with control programming for five lecture theatres and thirteen meeting rooms. Lecture spaces feature interactive video conferencing, live host transfer and bridging capability, all enabled via software configured by Engineering Harmonics.


The Dalhousie Medical Education Program’s high-definition video conferencing/distance education system links 19 sites across two university campuses and four New Brunswick hospitals. The program was established in collaboration with the Government of New Brunswick, the University of New Brunswick and the Horizon Health Network.


Audiovisual consulting, software programming, design, tender, contract administration and commissioning


A consistent look and feel of lecture spaces as well as the user interface provides streamlined instruction and fulfills the mandate to give all students a comparable learning experience regardless of location. The program is now a benchmark for other medical distance education programs in North America.

Audiovisual Systems of a Lecture Hall - Unified Collaboration - Engineering Harmonics
Conference Room at the Dalhousie University - Unified Communications - Engineering Harmonics



We have some very traditional teachers in our program who literally could not imagine how they were going to be able to teach without a blackboard and chalk. If we hadn’t had Andrew Kozak on board we never would have been able to get our teachers to understand how they can teach better with this technology.

Joanne Power
Policy and Planning Officer, Dean’s Office, Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine

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